Rebecca and Josh

Becky and Josh were married in August.

Hi, Cory--

Yes, we got the DVD in the mail! We got all the pictures, and they look great!!! Honestly, it's pretty overwhelming, the sheer volume to look through, so I haven't seen every single image yet, but I'm looking forward to the upcoming break to have that chance.
Thanks so much, Rebecca and Josh

Lindsy and Tim

Lindsy and Tim were married in July.


They are wonderful! You did a great job. I can't wait to see the rest! The photos look great!
Thank You, Lindsy Szilasi

Sera and Mitch

Sera and Mitch were married in June.

Thanks Cory!

I love them! They are so cute! The pics are beautiful by the way-you did a wonderful job of capturing how nervous I was! Mitch has had quite a few laughs! Hope you are doing well, Sera

Rob and Dawn

Rob and Dawn were married in May.

Rob and Dawn


Oh WOW! I love your work! Amazing!
- Rob + Dawn

Lisa and Matt

Lisa and Matt were married in May.

Lisa and Matt


I just wanted to let you know that we received the coffee table book yesterday. It looks amazing (as we knew it would!) -- Thank You So Much!
Lisa and Matt

Tiffany and Mike

Tiffany and Mike were married in September.

Hello Cory,

The photos are beautiful, thank you so much. The album designs are great. I think you may be the best photographer ever!
Thanks again, Tiff

Josh and Colleen

Josh and Colleen were married in September.


Colleen wanted me to write and say "Thanks again." She loves the quality of the book and the pictures in it, we have received nothing but envy and praise from everyone. Great job with the book and thank you for all your work.

Ben and Cat

Ben and Cat were married in September.


I've been sorting through our wedding photos today, trying to pick the best ones to print or frame, and it's so difficult! All the photos are beautiful, you did a fabulous job. Thank you for capturing our special day, and I'm so happy we have these amazing photos to remind us of our wedding!
Cat and Ben

Angela and Michael

SO and SO were married in August.


How is my favorite photographer?! Everything went really well for the wedding, Cory. Thanks so much for everything! These look great so far!!
By the way, I really like the hip album design! These coffee table books are great! Thanks Cory!
Angela and Michael

Gina and Tom

Gina and Tom were married in August.

Hello Cory!!

The pictures are amazing! Not that I expected anything less! I have gotten tons of wonderful comments on them, and my sister Lisa even left a comment on Smugmug! Thanks again,
Gina and Tom

Sarah and Neil

Sarah and Neil were married in July.


The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you so much again for capturing our big day! Wow! Thatís a lot of photos! Awesome shots!! especially the fireworks.

thanks for everything,
Neil and Sarah

Heather and Rob

Heather and Rob were married in June.

Dear Cory,

Heather passed along the link to the wedding photos you took for us. They are lovely. You have captured the characteristic expressions of Heather, and Rob very well. So sweet and beautiful. Both the candid and formal photos of the group of us are wonderful.

Thank you,
Lue Brown

Lindsey and Matt

Lindsey and Matt were married in June.

Hi Cory!

Your pictures look so great, we can't wait to see the rest. Fantastic Work!


Justin and Laura

Justin and Laura were married in June.

Great job on all your work, and I don't think Laura and I could be happier with the results.
Thanks again.
Justin Kees.

Courtney and Chris

Courtney and Chris were marries in June.

The pictures are awesome!!!! We are so excited about how great they 'captured the day' (please excuse the cliche but I couldn't come up with anything better).

Spencer and Jessica

Spencer and Jessica were married in March.

The DVD showed up today. All the pics look great -- WOW, pretty awesome man. We like them alot. You did a perfect job capturing all the good moments.

We thank you again,

Spencer and Jess

Christina and Andy

Christina and Andy were married in January.

We are so happy with your work! We would recommend you to anyone!

Thanks you so much,


Mindy and Jeff

Mindy and Jeff were married in December.

Thank you! We haven't looked at the DVD yet, but my entire family has been on the website to view the photographs.

With over 600 pictures to look at, we joke about eating popcorn and drinking soda while we look at the pictures (like we're at a 2 hour movie or something). Thanks for taking more than we expected or anticipated...some photographers would have been really sticky about that 500 picture agreement from the package we had selected.

Many of the reception photographs are very candid and you were right-we didn't even know you were there!

Shereen and Jonnie

Shereen and Jonnie were married in July.

I want to say thank you again SO MUCH for taking pictures at the wedding! I am thrilled! I remember during the wedding countless times seeing you out of the corner of my eye and instantly thinking, "Ooh, oh, yeah, Cory has got the shot there! His angle is perfect .... Cory has got the right idea there.... I can't wait to see what that one turns out like!"

Well, I have gotten a chance to very quickly look over the photos and they are AWESOME! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that little series of 4 photos of my face with my veil on and it was backlit. The lighting was just amazing! You also had the very best one I have ever seen of Jonnie!

Thanks! Love,

Shereen and Jonnie