Basic Idea

You control a squad of between 2 and 16 Templar Warriors equipped with Leviathan Battle Suits. The Templars must accomplish any mission required by the Fleet.


Each campaign is made up of a series of levels. Each level has a briefing which explains the objectives. Before each level you will have a chance to review the briefing and review your team of Templar Warriors.

You may attempt each level as many times as you like.

You will automatically loose if your Captain is killed in battle.


Once you are victorious on a level you have two choices. You may continue with your victory using the button 'Vae Victis, Templars!' which is the traditional battle shout of your Warriors. You may also retry the level.

If you continue after being victorious any dead Templar Warriors will be converted to Fallen Comrades and cannot be used.

Turn Structure

The game divides the turn into two phases. First is the movement and shooting phase in which you control your Templar Warriors and position them on the battlefield. The second phase includes defensive firing and Alien movement and attacks.

Map Icons

The map interface for Templar Assault features a number of different icons to indicate the Alien, your Templar squad and possible orders.

A Templar Warrior on the map.

One type of xenoform.

Hostile defense forces.

This yellow selector shows which Templar is currently selected.

You may move the current Templar forward into this position. Requires 1 Command Point.

Like move Templar foward above, however something must be said before the Templar will move.

Like move Templar forward above, however a game event may strike (victory, defeat, special effects.)

You may turn the current Templar to face this position. Requires 1 Command Point.

You may move the current Templar backwards into this position. Requires 2 Command Points.

You may activate a special power on this position. Requires 1 Command Point.

You may open fire on this position with the current Templar.

A xenoform is attacking this tile.

This tile is on fire. Moving into it may cause Damage. Armor with high Shielding will reduce the damage.

Command Points

Command Points, or "CP" define how many actions a Templar Warrior can take in each combat turn. At the end of the first combat phase any remaining CP will be reserved for defensive use in the second phase of combat.

No Templar Warrior can reserve move than 2 CP for defensive use.


Each Templar Warrior has six statistics. Two attributes, Strength and Quickness and four skills: Warrior, Ranged, Tactics and Evasion.


This attribute measures how strong the Templar Warrior's mind and body are.


This attribute measures the speed of the Templar Warrior's movements and thoughts.


This skill measures the Templar Warrior's training with Force Weapons and ancient Kraken armaments.


This skill measures the Templar Warrior's mastery of ranged weapons, both light and heavy. Ranged skill is used for Neptune and Hydra weapons.


This skill measures the Templar's leadership and knowledge of Squad actions in Leviathan Armor. A must for the Captain because it determines the range of his special power.


This skill measures the Warrior's ability to dodge attacks and remain hidden from the senses of the Alien.

Increasing Statistics

An individual Templar and Leviathan Armor Suit can only be so fast or so strong. A Templar's statistics can only be increased to a certain point by spending XP.

The Captain of a Templar Squad is chosen for the position based on exceptional physical potential and will therefore have a higher maximum.

Command Points

CP = ([Quickness + Tactics]/3 + 3)

Command Points are calculated using Quickness and Tactics.

The maximum Command Points possible for a Templar is 6 CP.


Shooting = (Quickness + Ranged)

Accuracy with a firearm is calculated using Quickness and Ranged.

Accuracy is rolled against the target's Defense.


Defense = (Strength + Evasion)

Defense against Alien attacks is calculated from Strength and Evasion.

Defense is rolled against the attacker's Accuracy score.

Melee Combat

Hand to Hand = (Strength + Warrior)

Prowess in hand to hand combat against the Alien comes from Strength and Warrior.

Melee Combat is rolled against the attacker's Evasion score.


Based on the type of weapon a Templar Warrior carries the Leviathan Battle Suit also carries a specific quantity of rounds. Be careful to monitor your Templar Warrior's supply of ammunition.

Between levels the Templar Warriors can resupply the Leviathan Battle Suits from drop pods or on their Spear Cruisers.

Class Ability: Commander

May grant a Templar Knight +2 CP.

Cost 1 CP

Class Ability: Exo-Scout

Make first move for free.

Cost: 0 CP

Class Ability: Soldier

Defensive fire has a 55% chance of costing 0 CP.

Cost: 0 CP

Class Ability: Hydra Weapon Specialist

Fire Hydra Incinerator without a target up to 4 tiles.

Cost: 4 CP

Class Ability: Neptune Weapon Specialist

Successful attacks cost 0 CP.

Cost: 0 CP